iPhone Grade A /A-



This document describes the grading system assigned to iPhone (including all iOS devices) by KTT, according to our own internal grading criteria. KTT carry out full inspection on all our products and devices. And depending on device(s)’ condition, assigned one of the grade ranks as followed, A, A-, AB or B.

1. Inspection check of device(s) on Cosmetic condition / appearance (Physical)

★ front panel – includes screen and front glass panel ★ body – back and side panels
★ parts missing

2. Inspection check of device(s) on functionality (Internal)

➥ Activation / Sim Card
➥ Charging point
➥ Wifi signal
➥ White/Spot or discoloration of LCD ➥ Touch ID / iCloud (FMiP)
➥ PowerOn/Off
➥ Home Button sensitivity
➥ Side buttons with vibrate test
➥ Speaker Sensor
➥ Microphone / speakers
➥ 3D Touch
➥ Front / Back camera

Note: Customers looking for A+ condition are required to check with KTT’s salesperson(s) on stock availabilities before confirmation of order.

Grade: A/A-
Cosmetics Graded guide: ★ For A/A- Grades
➪ May have light scuffs on front panel but no chips or cracks.
➪ Not more than 1 scratches on the edges or on the apple logo

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